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Raynolds’ Pass

The low gap in the mountains on the sky line
south of here is Raynolds’ Pass over the
Continental Divide.

Jim Bridger, famous trapper and scout, guided an
expedition of scientists through the pass in June of
1860. The party was led by Capt. W.F. Raynolds of the
Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army. They came through from
the south and camped that night on the Madison River
near this point. Capt. Raynolds wrote, “The pass is so
level that it is difficult to to locate the exact point
at which the waters divide. I named it, Low Pass and
deem it to be one of the most remarkable and important
features of the topography of the Rocky Mountains.”

Jim Bridger didn’t savvy road maps or air route
beacons but he sure knew his way around

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